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About Best Buddies Jobs

The Best Buddies Jobs program integrates skilled and qualified individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) into the community through supported employment opportunities. Individuals with IDD who participate in the program are paired with businesses who are searching for enthusiastic and dedicated employees that have their skill set, thus allowing them to earn an income, pay taxes, and work in an environment alongside others in the community. Businesses that partner with Best Buddies to place candidates in competitive, integrated jobs within their organization receive the ongoing support and training needed to foster a positive employment experience.

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“[Employees with IDD] are doing a great job fulfilling a need in our organization.”
— Robert Friedman, Partner, Holland and Knight LLP

Best Buddies Jobs - Program Locations

The Best Buddies Jobs program is available in the following markets:

Albuquerque, NM
Boston, MA
Chicago, IL
Falls Church, VA
Las Vegas, NV
Los Angeles, CA
Miami, FL
San Francisco, CA

National Coming Soon:
Baltimore, MD
Nashville, TN
New York, NY

Mexico City

International Coming Soon:
The Bahamas
St. Kitts and Nevis

Other Integrated Employment Resources

A variety of other resources are available for businesses and employment candidates with IDD nationwide

Tips On How To Start Hiring

“They apply for, interview and go through the hiring process just like anyone else. Managers specifically see the benefits of the program in these candidates. They are prepared for the world of work, for orientation, for performance management.”
— Mitch Morgan, Leadership Development Program Manager, Fifth Third Bank

Below are tips that can help any business incorporate people with IDD into their workforce

  • Adopt diversity and inclusion (D&I) as an organizational strategy and articulate D&I strategies within talent acquisition and talent development initiatives. This recognizes D&I as a critical component of how the organization will accomplish its objectives and aligns D&I goals with pre- and post-hire talent practices.
  • Engage and involve leaders, managers and workers who will advocate for individuals with IDD by creating a cross-functional task force that brings together HR, customer service, legal and other key functions. Invite employees who are personally passionate about providing employment opportunities to individuals with IDD and ensure top-down participation in creating IDD-friendly policies and practices.
  • Become better informed. Research the resources that are available and connect with local providers or regional chapters of national providers to learn about services available. Develop a menu of resources that can help jumpstart this employment initiative and set expectations for the firm and its employees.
  • Open the door to job customization and other creative solutions that can have an impact on productivity and the bottom line by identifying relevant job opportunities. Invite a professional job coach to observe work processes and interview employees to learn about jobs, tasks and the work environment.
  • Leverage learning to fully integrate employees with IDD and address challenges. Provide supervisors with training on how to integrate workers with IDD into the fold, with orientation, work instructions, performance and behavior guidelines, and recognition and rewards, just like all employees.
  • Promote a culture of inclusion that attracts diverse talent and creates a positive image in the community. Encourage inclusive behavior throughout the firm, truly integrating workers with IDD into the workforce. Treat workers with IDD as employees first, not as disabled employees.
  • Celebrate successes. Share IDD employment success stories widely, within the firm, the industry and the community.